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First recorded photograph of SCP-14001, taken by two civilians who accidentally discovered an entrance in ██████, Germany.

Item #: SCP-14001

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Following the appearance of a SCP-14001-A instance, a surrounding area of at least 100m is to be restricted to Foundation personnel. If said appearance occurs inside a heavily populated city, inhabitants may be allowed to enter the area as long as SCP-14001-A is thorougly hidden from view, and even then, any non-Foundation human is forbidden from getting closer than 10m to SCP-14001-A. Armed response to a civilian approach is undesirable; rather, any civilian who discovers the location of a SCP-14001-A must be provided with amnestics and brought as far as possible from the location.

As for SCP-14001 itself, containment is both impossible and virtualy equivalent to the contaiment of every single SCP-14001-A discovered.

Description: SCP-14001 is a massive network of hallways functioning as a bridge between at least ██ different realities. The interior of the structure displays a victorian architecture and is accessible through otherwise regular wooden "doors" referred to as SCP-14001-A. As more than one instance of SCP-14001-A have been discovered on Earth, nothing excludes that two or more "doors" found inside SCP-14001 might lead to the same reality. In other words, the relationship between doors and worlds is not a bijective function.

Times and locations of SCP-14001-A occurrences on Earth are seemingly random and temporary (see Addendum 14001.1 below). Most of the time, a SCP-14001-A instance takes the place of an already existing door inside a structure, except it then leads to SCP-14001 instead of its expected destination. A "door" is thought to last from 6 months to ██ years, following which all traces of its existence are erased as though it was never there.

From inside SCP-14001, each door's wooden frame mirrors the appearance of its Earth counterpart, except for an inscription above it whose letters were first thought to be latin. Following the expedition of foreign Foundation members (Dr. ████ Fujikawa) it is now thought that the pocket dimension in which SCP-14001 resides somehow automatically translates any inscription found inside it all written AND spoken information into a language comprehensible to anyone brought inside SCP-14001. Foundation scientists are trying to explain this phenomena and have been referring to it as "thought language".

The inscriptions are presumed to be referring to the destination's names. So far, all SCP-14001-A instances leading to Earth have exhibited the name "Oomya", which is thought to be the name used by SCP-14001 builders to refer to our reality. The Foundation has discovered at least █ doors that were sealed and presented no visible inscription. Those doors are thought to be leading nowhere.

Addendum 14001.1:

During an exploration of SCP-14001, executed by D-class personnel and led by Dr. P████, the Foundation inadvertly contacted a sentient entity inside the hallway. The entity will be referred to as SCP-14001-B.

<Begin Log>

D-█████: Wait, did we send others in here today?

Dr. P████: Others what?

D-█████: There's a guy over there. Oh my god. Is he with us? He doesn't look-

Dr. P████: Please remain calm. Another person you say? Can you describe them for us?

D-█████: Okay, okay. So there's this guy at the end of this corridor. Medium height. He looks... bald? And he's definitely not a D-class. He's holding some kind of thing in his hands. A key? I think-

Dr. P████: Yes?

Dr. P████: D-█████, are you still there?

D-█████: Fucking hell he's approaching me. What the hell do I do now? Do I run away?

Dr. P████: Stay calm, there's no reason to believe the contact is hostile. Stand still, await for further instructions.

SCP-14001-B: (distant) Who goes there?

(There is a brief pause. Footsteps approach the D-class, and then stop.)

SCP-14001-B: Oomyans? So early in the day?

D-█████: (whispering) Please don't kill me...

SCP-14001-B: Oh I don't want to harm you. But who were you talking to?

(At this point SCP-14001-B is thought to have taken the earpiece from the D-class)

SCP-14001-B: Hello? Why are you here and why are you sending slaves to explore this place?

Dr. P████: Greetings, this is Dr. P████ from the SCP Foundation. State your intentions and the purpose of the structure or we'll send a task force to eliminate you and retrieve the D-class.

(Another brief pause.)

SCP-14001-B: You're here too early. I will free the slave. Please don't come back.

(There's the sound of a key turning in a lock, and then radio silence.)

<End Log>

Following this incident, D-█████ couldn't be retrieved, and the door instance from which the D-class was sent into SCP-14001 was abruptly closed from the inside, possibly by SCP-14001-B. For this reason, some Foundation members started referring to SCP-14001-B as "the Keymaster" or the "Hallway Keeper". No further contact with the Keeper has been established since.